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Group Party Package:

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If you are planning a party in New Orleans, chances are you will have more than just one Hurricane. And while an evening of music, drinks, good food, and more drinks is always a recipe for a good time…the morning hangover might have you questioning some of those choices. 

When in the Big Easy, it is important to drink responsibly and know your limits. If you still find yourself with the morning-after dizziness, be sure to have a water bottle or sports drink within arms reach. A sports drink will not only re-hydrate you, but it is also packed with electrolytes to replenish many important natural minerals and electrolytes you might have lost. 

If that does not do the trick...take yourself and your friends and visit ʜʏᴅʀᴀᴛᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ to relax, re-hydrate, and alleviate the symptoms of your hangover.

Group Team Package:

◊ Sports Teams
◊ Business Conferences 
◊ Festivals and Parades
◊ Outdoor Activities 


Any outdoor activity under the hot Louisiana sun is very draining on a body. Whether you're at a picnic, watching your kids' soccer practice, or enjoying one of the many festivals in New Orleans, be sure to replenish your body with nutrient-filled fluids. 


A sports competition in the southern heat can be dehydrating and harsh on a body. If your team has a tournament/game in New Orleans, we can get your team fueled up and ready to win. Alternatively, we can replenish your bodies after competing to bring you back to a healthy and hydrated state.


After working hard at a business conference in New Orleans, treat your coworkers to a well-deserved re-hydration session. 

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